We were in a chirstmas card simply beautiful at Country Club Manali

Dear: Country Vacations

Since long I longed to see and feel snow and same was with my husband. So, we decided to visit Manali just for the snow, we called up Rishita and booked ourselves in Neelkanth Byke, Manali, where country club is affiliated. The hotel, its amenities, views were excellent. Food was just too good, the staff was really polite. There was a garden there which was fully covered in thick snow, we just had a super time over there, built our snowman, played in snow for hours.  We stayed there for 2 and half days and had a great time…and manali in snow …is like we were in a chirstmas card ! simply beautiful.  we really wish it lasted forever.

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Jigisha Dave


Thanking you

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