I am pretty amazed and happy with the visit at Country Club Chanakyapuri

Dear: Country Vacations

To Whom it may concern,

I was asked to send a feedback regarding our visit to The Country Club Chanakyapuri on 17th March,2017.I must say I am pretty amazed and happy with the visit.It has been an overwhelming time spending there for a small refreshment with my family.The authorities were very well behaved and the place is quite nicely maintained.The rooms allotted to us were great,very neat and clean and comfortable.
Well last but not the least,the food facility is very good.It has many food items which are mostly not available.Thus its a request that either the menu card must be updated or the items should be made available.
Lastly,at nights the place becomes a bit too dull because the street is not sufficient with lights,seems very dark.
Overall its been a pleasure visiting the place and great experience with Country Club.
I am sending a picture of our visit.Looking forward to many more such expeditions.
Thanking You,
Sudipto DasGupta
Thanking you 

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